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By Rotaractor Meridian
Sat, Sep 21 7:00AM - Mon, Sep 23 10:00AM
Anum, Anum
upcoming in about 1 month

Rotaractor Meridian will undertake a project in basic schools in a town called labolabo and it environs, the project will be a short seminar to educate pupils on basic education and it relevance to their growth and success. The target group will be upper primary and jhs. 
We will also donate educational materials such us (exercise books, mathematical set etc) to aid teaching and learning.
To finish up this project will be a trip to the survival island which, we term it as treasure hunt. It involves a series of activities, which include
1. Map work & Navigation, Radio Communication Training and Orienteering2. 3.5km Jungle Hike to Discovery Rock.
3. Abseil of Discovery Rock4. 1st Kayaking foray into 7km stretch of Lake Volta to Survival Island5. Arrival at Survival Island and picnic Lunch, Debriefs6. Camp-setting and relaxation7. Dinner Preps8. Fireside Stories9. Rising whistle 10. Final Kayaking Foray to Survival Beach
We will spend a night on the island and party at a nearby Hotel for the other night.
For enquiries/partnership Contact PE Rashid +233 054-885-8136

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