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Organizers across Ghana and the rest of Africa have used eGotickets to manage over 22,000 events and served over 30,000 tickets since 2014.

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    Our world-class event & ticketing software helps you to stay ahead and have more time to focus on other important aspects of your event's experience.

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    You are in total control of your event at all times. Change any aspect of your event information without our thumb over your shoulders

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    We make it easy for attendees who love your events to follow you. Fans are the first inline to get alerts on your next experience

    Offline Registrations

    Putting your event on eGotickets also guarantees that your event can be discovered by 33m+ mobile subscribers in Ghana over USSD across all networks

    Global Payment Processing

    Processing local and international payments for your paid events is a breeze with eGotickets. We accept Airtel, MTN, Tigo, Vodafone, VISA & MasterCard

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    Setting up your event is simple & easy, all it takes is 3 minutes and you're live accepting registrations.

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    We get the word out to your target audience by promoting your events via SMS, Email & Social Networks.

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    Make smarter, proactive decisions with our simple and realtime analytics on your ticket sales and customers.

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