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Sun, Feb 9. 8:00AM - 6:00PM
Akosombo Methodist School, Akosombo
past over 1 year

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Development of the Idea;
1. I kept asking myself....Are cagers (drivers) really getting our message of them looking out for us? (YES or NO)

2. What are cagers(Drivers) telling their children (Male & Female) about the passion of bikes? (Are they positive or negative about the biking passion?)

3. How do we deal with this menace against bikers?. (I am talking about the growing negative perception formed about bikers).
(We as Bikers will have to do the right thing at all times and non-bikers to be continuously educated)

4. How do we change the perception?. (Obviously from the root (youth) for a general perception change for the future).

5. Bikers all over the world are generally benevolent people and are involved in charitable programs one way or the other so it wouldn't be off record should the #Bikerslivesmatter-Ghana Chapter decides on a CHARITY RUN 2020

The Bikerslivesmatter Ghana chapter will shift a little attention to Charity prior to the main run / ride to focus on growing the children (adults of tomorrow) into loving bikers and respecting us.
We have come very far trying to erase the already existing negative perception about us bikers. The canker is almost incurable and peoples minds are already made once discussion is on bikes. Our parents were typical examples, who never or won't allow us ride simply because of the dangers and risk factors associated with the passion/sports.
I recall, I couldn't park my first bike at home, simply because it was totally not allowed in my home. I couldn't even tell my parents and siblings I bought a motorcycle (Honda Lead Scooter) I was 18 years.

Although Bikerslivesmatter movements all over the world will not relent in shaping the masses by doing the necessary to get into the inherent cognitive and perceptual powers of the mind of non bikers who see us as hazardous or a danger to the society, criminals, hooligans and you name it.
The #Bikerslivesmatter is a movement and system designed to correct this unfortunate domineering ideas of the populace.

Having said this and as part of the movement to maintain some level of sanity on our public roads, continue to educate road users on the need to adhere to road traffic regulations, Bikerslivesmatter-Ghana will take a "dance around" the up and coming future bikers and leaders of the world to share the passion stories with them, advise and also touch their lives in ways available to us.

For this reason, The Bikerslivesmatter is organizing a charity ride to;

1.  Distribute 2000 exercise books (each students gets 10 exercise books)starting from a remote school in Akosombo, Eastern Region and spread to other areas as we count the years.

2. Distribute other stationery like writing materials.

3. Share life stories with the higher class levels

4. Spend time with them and have a mini picnic with the students and teachers as well and....

5. Encourage and make them understand the essence of education in whatever they aspire to be in future.

Bikerslivesmatter Ghana is seeking to achieve this exercise through customized designed exercise books with a group picture of female Bikers of Ghana (Biker Girls GH) on the exercise book.
It is very common in our part of the world to have men ride but it is almost unacceptable, unheard and unseen to have women ride. This is to let the public know that Female Bikers exist among us and also require respect on our public roads. 

It is high time drivers (cagers) learn to share the public roads responsibly with Bikers and other road users. No ones life is more important than another. We live, We love, We die...but the inevitable end of man should be natural as per the creator's plan and not by carelessness, irresponsibility and wickedness.

Our mission  is to get more closer to the youth from region to region to educate, touch their lives in any small way possible and to also call on the public to always watch out for bikers wherever they find themselves irrespective of what they are driving.

To build a better and a positive perception in the mindset of the people to love and respect our passion.

It is expected that the experience and memories left with them today to will cause a difference in their minds and will help tighten the bond between them and bikers (lovers of the passion).

Blending this into the General vision of the Bikerslivesmatter of BIKERS TO BE SEEN, BIKERS TO BE HEARD AND BIKERS TO BE RESPECTED, I am convinced that both visions are running parallel and in same direction.

Akosombo Methodist School.

Sunday 9th February, 2020

Thomas Esiape Jnr (Jet)
Bikerslivesmatter - Ghana

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+233 24 477 5291
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