Open letter by the Youth to the Parliament

Open letter by the Youth to the Parliament
past almost 3 years ago

Wed, Aug 12. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

K.I.C.C,Nairobi,Kenya. Nairobi, Kenya

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Call for endorsements by individuals and Organisations

Gold Kenya invites the youth, youth supporters and organisations throughout the world to support their project which entails sending an open letter to the parliament on the International Youths Day.

“You can also make send your message and logo to prior to the International Youth Day 2015 and Youth Week as part of our mobilization and sensitization campaigns. On the IYD we shall launch this innovative letter from the youth to all decision makers in English ans Swahili and translated in many Languages.” Said Mr. Galgallo Guyo upon the release of this call. He further invited all like minded individuals and organisations in Kenya, action/2015 and across the world to support the organisation in collecting endorsements, signatures and translations from Organizations, Youths and campaigners throughout the world.

The form can be found at and from the organisation’s main website. Together, we can amplify the voice of the youth for civic engagement here and throughout the world.