Ogun State Model Photoshoot 2016

By Nigeria Campus Talent Hunt
Thu, Dec 15. 9:00AM - 12:00PM
Ogun, Nigeria, Ogun

Ref: --- (NCTH):9871282082 Date: --- November 28, 2016 Subject: Ogun State Model Photoshoot 2016 This is with reference to your letter dated November 28, 2016 regarding above mentioned Ogun State Model Photoshoot 2016, endorsed by Tush Award, TDA Multimedia, Simple Magazine, Campus Icon Award, Campus Light, Clyde Harris. Media Support by, Purplempire Media, Khrispurple Photography, Ogundimu O.David Photography, ZOE Media. Nigeria Campus Talent Hunt with ZOE Media is of the view that holding of such photoshoot provides numerous opportunities to local and National modelers, in playing a vital role for the expansion of the local and national model industry and encouraging foreign investment in Nigeria. The Nigeria Campus Talent Hunt In Partnership With ZOE Media fully supports your efforts for the promotion of .........Ogun State Model Photoshoot.... dated ...December 15th, 2016... On your social network and other communication network of yours, as you support made in Nigeria brands . We wish you all the best in your endeavors for promoting the ......model industry.... of ....Nigeria. Thanking you & profound regards, For Registration visit http://Ogunphotoshoot.tk Somto Okeke Charles

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