Official Launch of the Fashion Cooperative

Official Launch of the Fashion Cooperative
past over 1 year ago

Thu, Mar 9. 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Nustreams Conference & Culture Centre Abeokuta Road, Alalubosa G.R.A, Ibadan Apata Ibadan, Nigeria

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NETPLAT Nigeria will officially launch both the Amazon (Women) and Fashion Cooperatives respectively on March 9, 2017 at NuStreams Conference and Culture Centre, Ibadan by 11.00am. The organization through its Enterprise Cooperative Development initiative is focused on employing the cooperative framework to facilitate business development, employment generation, wealth creation and community development.
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Taking a cue from the Mondragon Cooperative, a broad employee ownership enterprise in Spain, and over the past five years running a pilot model in the agricultural and transport sectors respectively, we are bold to roll out among other cooperatives the Fashion cooperative.

The Fashion Cooperative ,though not limited to only women but everyone in the fashion industry (clothing, shoes, belts, beads, make-ups, etc.), is positioned to bring fashionpreneurs, enthusiasts and investors together to promote business enterprise, ensure business continuity and sustainability, access to funding; as well as improve industry standards, generate employment, and contribute to the country’s Gross Domestic Product.
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The cooperative platforms ensures the following benefits for members: savings and capital appreciation, access to business funding, co-ownership of the cooperative enterprises, networking and mentoring opportunities, co-facilitate employment opportunities, access to home ownership and health insurance schemes, and an improved community.

Our cooperative platforms also offer investors and persons who are not active players in the sector(s) to be a part of it through their financial investments to promote the social good of enterprise, employment, and empowerment; while also guaranteed of return on their investment. Interested persons who choose to participate as an active or non-active member of the cooperative platform may register through this link:; while other investors who do not want a membership status but would like to support and invest will find information on our portfolio management service:, and can contact the organization directly.