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By Centre for Climate Change and Sustainability Studies , University of Ghana
Fri, Dec 1. 8AM - Sun 8AM
University of Ghana, Accra
past 4 months


In an era where climate change and health are central to our conversations, this fair brings practical, everyday solutions to your doorstep. It's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the science, beauty, and benefits of plants and see firsthand how they can be integrated into our lives for a healthier and more sustainable future.


• Floricultural Exhibits: Be enthralled by the beauty and diversity of Ghanaian flora. Discover flowers and plants you never knew were part of our rich botanical heritage.

• Medicinal Plant Garden: Unlock the secrets of traditional medicine with an exhibit dedicated to indigenous medicinal plants and their uses.

• Sustainable Gardening: Roll up your sleeves for our interactive workshops where you’ll learn everything from composting to cultivating your own eco-friendly garden.

• Expert Insights: Engage with leading experts as they discuss the vital role of plants in promoting human health, conserving our environment, and nurturing sustainable communities.

• Green Entrepreneurship: Support local, sustainable businesses and perhaps find inspiration to start your own!


• Learn how to enhance your diet and lifestyle with plant-based choices.

• Gain practical skills in creating your own green space, no matter the size.

• Connect with experts and enthusiasts in a collaborative atmosphere.


Calling all green enthusiasts and eco-conscious entrepreneurs! The Annual Plants and Flower Fair 2023 is seeking vendors who are eager to connect with a community that is passionate about plants, flowers, and sustainability. We welcome a diverse group of vendors, including:

• Nurseries and Plant Growers: Showcase your collection of plants, from the rare and exotic to the popular and local varieties.

• Gardening Supplies and Tools: Offer the tools of the trade to both the seasoned gardener and the budding green thumb.

• Sustainable Lifestyle Products: If your products promote a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, we want you at our fair.

• Organic Food Producers: Share your organic, plant-based, and natural food products with attendees passionate about healthy living.

• Botanical Artists and Crafters: Display your plant-inspired art and crafts that celebrate the beauty of nature.

• Eco-friendly Apparel and Accessories: Fashion vendors with products made from natural or recycled materials are invited to exhibit.

• Green Technology and Services: Present innovative solutions and services that contribute to sustainability and eco-conscious living.

• Herbal and Medicinal Products: Vendors who specialize in natural remedies and herbal products can find an interested audience at our fair.

• Educational and Non-Profit Organizations: Spread your message and engage with the community on important environmental and sustainability issues.


• Enhanced Visibility: Exhibitors gain significant exposure, showcasing their brands to a diverse audience of consumers, professionals, and media.

• Networking Opportunities: The fair provides a platform to connect with industry experts, potential partners, and a target market passionate about plant-based health and sustainability.

• Direct Consumer Interaction: Exhibitors can engage directly with attendees for feedback, insights, and on-site sales, tailoring their offerings to consumer needs.

• Educational Platform: The event serves as an avenue for exhibitors to educate the public about their products, services, and the benefits of sustainable living.

• Marketing Advantages: Participation includes promotional opportunities that extend beyond the fair, leveraging event marketing and social media channels.

• Community and Industry Engagement: Exhibitors can build brand loyalty, enhance their sustainable image, and engage with potential future employees within the community.


The Annual Flower Fair targets everyone, everywhere: students, staff, faculty, local communities, environmental enthusiasts, health professionals, government agencies, NGOs, embassies, media houses, and the general public interested in promoting a greener and healthier lifestyle

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