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5:05 - a Stay By Plan Podcast Event

By Stay By Plan Media
Sat, Mar 16. 4PM - 10PM
Zinnia Events Center, Accra
past 4 months
5:05 - a Stay By Plan Podcast Event
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Satuday 16th March 2024 - 4pm
Zinnia Events Center, Cantonments

Picture this: It's a Saturday evening, and the buzz in the Accra air is electric. You're not hitting the clubs or binge-watching Netflix. Nope, you're heading to the hottest event in town – 5:05!

As you walk into Zinnia Events Center, the vibe hits you like a wave of energy. Lights dance across the walls, and the beats pumping through the speakers make your heart race. You grab a seat, surrounded by a sea of fellow thrill-seekers, all eagerly awaiting the show to begin.

Onstage, the hosts are cracking jokes and hyping up the crowd! They're your guides on this wild audio adventure, promising laughs, insights, and maybe even a few surprises along the way.

The guests? Oh, they're the cream of the crop – entrepreneurs, artists, and trailblazers who aren't afraid to push boundaries and break the mold. They share their stories, drop some wisdom, and maybe even spill a juicy secret or two.

But this isn't just a one-way conversation. Oh no, the audience is part of the action too. From shout-outs to shout-backs, everyone's voice is heard loud and clear. You might even find yourself pulled onstage for a game or two, earning high-fives and bragging rights.

Off to the side, amidst the smell of delicious burgers in the air, your cold drink is in your hand as you check out the amazing deals from some of your favourite vendors.

And when the final applause echoes through the venue, you walk out feeling pumped, inspired, and ready to take on the world. Because that's the magic of a Stay By Plan event – it's not just entertainment, it's an experience you'll never forget!

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