Zimbabwe SME Banking and Microfinance Summit 2016

Zimbabwe SME Banking and Microfinance Summit 2016
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Wed, Apr 13. 6:00AM - 3:00PM

Zimbabwe Agricultural Society Corner Samora Machel street and Rengai Tangwena street Harare, Zimbabwe

Event Details

DEAT Capital & Zimbabwe Agricultural Society cordially invites you to the


‘Towards Inclusive Growth’
Date: Wednesday 13 April 2016
Time: 8.30am -5.00pm
Registration fee: US$150.00 per delegate
Exhibition Stand:USD$150.00 for 9sqm
Where: Andy Millar Conference Centre (Harare Show Grounds), Zimbabwe

Theme: Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises Development & Supporting Value Chains in Zimbabwe

Partners:Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperatives Development, Zimbabwe Agricultural society (ZAS) & Zimbabwe Association of Microfinance Institutions(ZAMFI)

The emerging market Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise(MSME) banking opportunity is large and growing fast .According to McKinsey & Company ,it is set to grow to more than $350 billion by 2015, which is approximately $220 billion larger than in 2010. Zimbabwe Agenda for Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset) running between 2013-18 is the Zimbabwe Government’ flagship blueprint .It identifies Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as playing a vital role in economic development, by increasing competition, fostering innovation, and generating employment .With this in mind we are pleased to announce the hosting of the 4thZimbabwe SME Banking & Microfinance Summit to take place 13 April 2016.. In Zimbabwe the unbanked and uninsured market is estimated at more than US$2 billion. Survey data from various studies demonstrate that some banks, microfinance and insurance firms have begun to target SMEs as a profitable segment of the economy. The aim of this conference is to bring to the forefront issues related to the financing of entrepreneurial firms, and to explore various institutional, legal, and financial sector developments that affect the creation of such firms, their rate of success, the dynamism of incumbent firms, and their contribution to economic development. The conference will also focus on understanding the role of agriculture value chains and integration of entrepreneurs, various intermediaries, institutional investors, and financial markets in broad based economic development of the country. Of special interest is the effect of alternative forms of financing (such as debt and equity) on the creation and success of entrepreneurial firms. This unique event aims to present different experiences of financial institutions to successfully scale up financing for SMEs, highlighting opportunities for further growth in this segment. Unmet demand for financial services is creating opportunities for financial institutions to expand their market share and increase profits