Zambia International Designers Fashion Show-case.

By Roger Moore
Tue, Nov 24. 6:00AM - 9:00AM
Government Complex, Lusaka

Fashion Expo is… >>>High End Fashion, Rag Trade & Trendy.!<<<< A launching pad for emerging multi-talented national & international designers.. We amiably invite you to come Exhibit, Sponsor, plus visit us at this yet exciting internationally cultured Zambia International Designer's Fashion Expo 2015s' Fashion Expo in Lusaka, being launched on 24th, & will run all the way to the 26th of November of 2015, showcasing established & raising multi-talented designers and icons in the industry. Update your alarm clock & calendar, you don't want to miss it! you the smart intelligent & multi-talented fashion icon designer, you are warmly invited to utilize your booth to interact face-to-face with numerous world-class brands, assess the... (more here>>> & as a sage sponsor, the root is not about the sales, neither is it about old school logo slapping, a little bit of red colour, a lot more work will be a lot better, nor is it about spray & pray so to speak, but it’s about… Prominent branding, & not dominant branding. Meaning, we are moving from the rational, to the emotional. It’s the reason you... (more here>>> Plus finally to you the attendee, entrance is absolutely FREEEEEEE.. Come one, Come all and witness, buy and learn from the 'horse's mouth' how the clothing you're corporately, casually and confidently wearing right now comes on about. WELCOME.

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