Youth Festival 2016

Youth Festival 2016
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Fri, Aug 5. 7:00AM - 1:00PM

Zimbabwe Agricultural Society Corner Samora Machel street and Rengai Tangwena street Harare, Zimbabwe

Event Details

Youth Festival Concept Note

Introduction and Background

The Zimbabwe Youth Council (ZYC) in partnership with Zimbabwe Agricultural Society (ZAS) and Federation of Young Farmers Club of Zimbabwe will be hosting the Inaugural Youth Festival as a build up to this year’s edition of Harare Agriculture Show.

The Youth Festival will be a held on 5 August 2016 from 0900hrs to 1300hrs before the Hurudza Youth awards slated for the same night to showcase and appreciate youth initiatives in Zimbabwe.

The festival will entail an exhibition and a conference which will enable young people to get access to information. It allows for increased recognition of youth as key agents for social change, economic growth and sustainable development in all facets of the Zimbabwean society. It is an occasion to celebrate the youth of Zimbabwe, opportunity to contribute and channel youth motivation, energy and creativity towards national development.

In addition, the festival will also facilitate more coordinated and concerted actions towards accelerating youth empowerment and development.

Significance of the Youth Festival

The Youth Festival presents a unique opportunity to showcase the potential of the Zimbabwean youth.
It further provides the opportunity to promote the visibility of the youth and their actions at national level, thereby encouraging increased investment in youth development at local, regional and international levels.
The Youth Festival is a means to encourage innovation and creativity among young people and to strengthen youth participation in various aspects of the economic and social development of the country.

“Empowered Youth, Celebrating Diversity”

Youth Festival Agenda

The festival focuses on agricultural and developmental aspects and a number of other programmes covering a wide variety of activities, which not only reflect the spirit of friendship but also peace and development. The festival provides nation-wide exposure to the youth for the expression and fulfilment of their talents, aspirations and career opportunities.

The youth festival aims to propagate the concept of national integration, spirit of communal harmony, brotherhood, courage and adventure amongst the youth by exhibiting their cultural prowess in a common platform.

Expected Outcome
Promotion of youth participation in key national youth development events.
Promotion of the use of indigenous knowledge systems for national development.
The festival will also create a healthy participation platform for all youths from different sectors of the society irrespective of their sex, religion, community.
As youth are both partners and stakeholders in today’s efforts to foster development and mutual understanding, their meaningful participation and a clear recognition of their expertise and initiatives are essential to the success of any endeavour in Zimbabwe.

Invited Guests and Participating Organisations
Tertiary Institutions (local and regional)
Skills Centres
Civic Society
Representatives of Youth Oriented organisations

Registered youth Associations
Child parliamentarians/Councillors
In and out of school youths
Students from tertiary institutions
Representatives of stakeholders in youth development at local, national and sub-regional levels
General public

Rajiv Ghandi Hall - ZAS Grounds
Exhibition and Conference