Your Parenting story, Narrative Therapy and the Arts

By Narrative Arts Practices
Mon, Feb 20. 6:30AM - 11:30AM
Pretoria, South Africa, Pretoria

TITLE: Your Parenting story, Narrative Therapy and the Arts (20 May) We'll be exploring participants’ parenting stories and what this mean for intentionally connecting with our children or older parents. It is also aimed at those who work with parents or families as counselors, social workers, or psychologists. The arts aspect of this workshop will be enriched with music. These are practical workshops that are offered parallel to our signature online course Storyography ( The online course is not compulsory for the workshop. What we're about at NAP is to embed the ARTS (all kinds) within the spirit of Narrative Therapy (but also Narrative-/ Coaching, Mentoring, Facilitation and other forms of skilled helping). WORKSHOP COST R500 per person (Refreshments included) VENUE Pretoria-East PAYMENT Account holder: Telling Outcomes Bank: First National Bank Type: Cheque Account Account number: 62429996674 Branch: Brooklyn Branch code: 251345 Reference: NAP[Workshop date] STATUS OF ENROLLMENT You are enrolled for the workshop when we receive a notification of payment. Please ensure that we have an email for you in order to allocate your payment to your Name and Surname - such as displayed on your notification of payment or separate email. Then we will add your name to the registration list and check in with list members to ensure we have relevant detail. Additional info and welcoming then follows approximately one week before the workshop. IMPORTANT Workshops are mostly FREE for online students in Storyography and costs vary for non-students (in this case R500 per person). INTERESTED IN A PARTNERSHIP Please inquire as we can partner with you to present this or a customized workshop for your team, in your community or organisation. Cost elements will change. We look forward to meeting and exploring with you. Regards, Drs Jo Viljoen and Elmo Pienaar NAP team

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