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By Yogsumkadu Foundation
Thu, Dec 20 9:00AM - Sat, Dec 22 5:00PM
School of Performing Arts (Car Park), Accra

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After Justice; What Next Free N/A

The idea is to provide a safe space for victims of sexual abuse. The greatest challenge that the abuse victims face is the ability to re-establish and get back stronger. Safe Space provides just the right avenue to help these victims. Research over the years has revealed that all campaign and support groups focus on helping the victim emotionally not economically.

It is a truism that one of the major factors that makes victims incapacitated is financial constraints. Majority of the rape and sexually harassed victims are women and children because they are considered as the weaker sex and the most vulnerable aspect of the population not only physically or emotionally but also financially.

The idea of the safe space project is divided into phases; this project is going to be the first phase. It will comprise a forum and an exhibition. The forum will focus on bringing policy makers, advocacy organisations, religious bodies, youth and students together to deliberate on the nitty-gritty of the safe space concept.
The exhibition will be on the second and third days.

It will employ the theatrical concept of performance art; a vivid display of pictures and some very descriptive monologues that appeals to the imagination of the audience. The import of this is to take the audience away from their current world into the world of the victims, and for a moment make them relive the trauma of these victims. This is to create awareness of the ordeal of the victim, so that they can fully come on board to create the safe space.

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