By Morne' Venter
Sat, Sep 6. 9:00AM - 11:00AM
Warehouse Theatre Windhoek, Windhoek

Let us Celebrate the arrival of Spring with a Blooming Open Heart Please join Chantelle on Saturday, 6 September from 10am – 12pm for YOGA CATZ Hosted by the Warehouse Theatre Windhoek a 2-hr hatha yoga practice, in aid of the Cat Protection Society in Windhoek. Your heart-felt donations to attend this class will be much appreciated as all proceeds will go to the Cat Protection Society. This class will include Pranayama and a sound journey using Tibetan Singing Bowls. Even if you have never done Yoga before…. or if you can only manage 2 asanas…. or just join us for the Pranayama and Sound Journey… or if you can only manage a food dontation. PLEASE JOIN US IN SUPPORTING THE KITTIES OF WINDHOEK! For any further information or bookings please call 0813155129 or email

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