YAPSummit -Liberia 2017

YAPSummit -Liberia 2017
past 12 months ago

Sat, Sep 30. 10:00AM - 3:00PM

Light International School System 24th street Airfield shortcut, Sinkor Monrovia, Liberia

Event Details

We, haven done some research, observed, tasted and witnessed series of movement and crisis in the transitioning period of our country and other African countries leadership or politics (From one government to another ), as well as the few listed below happenings:
*One government or political party refusal to leave power, thereby leading to unfairness of the electoral process, which eventually in most cases led to citizens being unsatisfied .
*The lost of lives and properties (using Liberia fourteen years ago of civil unrest) , including governmental properties, which definitely caused most African countries (Precisely Liberia) to under development or being least developed in the world.
*war (both tribals and religious) and political or economical instability.

We, have seen the need and deem it necessary to host a Summit for one day in this year, which is an open dialogues between political actors and youths across Liberia and Africa at large (where possible) for Peace and transparency as the (Liberia goes to election comes October 10 ) Globe observed a transitioning In leadership and governance.

Under the theme " Speak with Votes and accept the facts, not fight, for a peaceful Liberia and beautiful Africa.