WRITE Protest Email Letter To Oppose The Serial "Bhagwan MAHAVIR" in DoorDarshan TV

WRITE Protest Email Letter To Oppose The Serial "Bhagwan MAHAVIR" in DoorDarshan TV
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Wed, Sep 17. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

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Dear Friends... Please oppose the TV serial urgently. This is the format of email and in the last there are two email id links, where we have to strongly write emails... (ALSO AFTER EMAIL, PLEASE SUPPORT US BY CLICKING "Join" IN THIS EVENT AND PLEASE PLEASE INVITE ALL YOUR JAIN FRIENDS IN THIS EVENT)

Email format...

Doordarshan TV

Subject: Show hurting religious sentiments
Ref:"karuna sagar mahavir.serial

However, it has come to our notice that from 13/8/14 @9.30 p.m.serial "Karuna Ke Sagar will be aired which is based on the life of Lord Mahavir However, as per Jain beliefs, no common actors can play the role of God Mahavir who possess extraordinary and superhuman qualities. Hence, this action has agitated many members of our minority Jain community and deeply upset our feelings

We understand that this has not been your intention. However, we demand that any such objectionable content not be aired on television. We request that in no way should the show hurt our sentiments. We expect that you shall take necessary steps to prevent the same.

Yours Sincerely,

( Ur name )

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And minister Mr.prakash Javdekar email id...

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Details on the TV Serial on Karuna Ke Sagar Bhagwan Mahaveer

With guidance and blessings of one of the Sthanakvasi Jain Sadhu Shivendra Muni, 3 persons Pavan Jain (09213176876 ), Karan Bansal (09899373119), Rajendra Jain (09810566910) have been working on this project since 3 years. On calling Mr. Karan, he has confirmed that they have confirmed that there is no such thing shown which is against our religious scriptures or literature. And also he communicated that the director has read all the Shastras and is working accordingly. Shivendra Muni (age around 34 years) has been doing vihaar in the states of Punjab, Haryana and Delhi. His Guruji is Prem Sukhji Muni and their current Samudaay strength is 6, 2 Sadhus and 4 Sadhvis including himself.

Another person Deepak Pal who is executive director of the serial is a non Jain but working with Jain people. And Pankaj Virat Jain is the writer, director and producer for the serial. Pankaj Jain is inspired by many Jain Sadhus, mainly Sagar Guruji as per Deepak Pal. One name he mentioned was GuptiSagarji Maharaj.

Karan Bansal and Rajendra Jain have established a production house named as Panch Parmeshthi Production House in last July-August 2013, situated in Delhi. They have been able to get permission from DD National in the month of March, 2014. They have shot this serial in Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad. They have permission for 52 serials. Based on TRP they will get more permission. Their next project is a serial on Bhaktamar Stotra. They have recently created a Facebook Page and attracting more and more viewers. If the TRP increases they will shift this serial from DD National to some other Channel House.

We are surprised to know that how can anyone normal human being play a role of a Tirthankara. We wish to oppose this TV serial before it is launched on DD National, 13-August-2014, 09:30 PM.