World Love for Dolphins Day - South Africa

World Love for Dolphins Day - South Africa
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Sat, Feb 14. 9:00AM - 11:00AM

Japanese Embassy Pretoria, South Africa

Event Details

Join Walk Against Captivity and No More Suffering in Support of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society & Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians at the Japanese Embassy in Pretoria on February 14th to honour the dolphins who are brutalized in Taiji’s Cove.

WAC and NMS in Support of Sea Shepherd invites all to join them for the peaceful gathering and raise their voices for the dolphins. On a day meant to celebrate love, we will show Japan the love felt by the people of the world for dolphins. You might not be able to go to Japan, as Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians do, but you can join us at Japan's doorstep. Please make this a day of LOVE. Dress in Red and white, and try to all have the same posters. I will post links to posters to print under notes (if I can figure how to do it). There will be no shouting, screaming, aggression. We will smile, look good, spread the love.

There are 3 ways to help:
1. Join WAC and NMS Supporters and Sea Shepherd Cove Guardians to remind the Japanese government that the Taiji drive hunts dishonour Japan. Japan can only begin to restore their honour by ending the horror in the Taiji Cove. The gathering will begin outside the Embassy located at 259 Baines Street Pretoria at 11am.
2. Take a “selfie”
Take a “selfie” picture, holding your “World Love for Dolphins” Day sign and send it to I will post your selfies on our social media pages to proudly display your love for dolphins!
3. Send a Valentine for a Dolphin directly to the Japanese Embassy
Remind the Japanese government that dolphins are loved and appreciated by millions. Download and print one of the Valentines Day Cards, sign it, place it in an envelope, put a stamp on it, bring it along, and I will post all of them at the same time. Kid friendly Valentine's Day cards are also available.

I require 20 marshalls, and therefore am looking for people to volunteer. Please PM me your full names, ID and cellphone number.

Now the rules:
1. No verbal abuse or racist marks on any posters. No threatening remarks both verbally or on posters. Violence and destruction and racism will not be tolerated.
2. No covering of faces or painting of faces. We have nothing to hide, and our gatherings are peaceful.
3. No littering. We clean up afterwards and leave the area in a better condition than we found it.
4. No posters against trees, signposts or the Embassy walls.
5. The word "BOYCOTT" is not in our vocabulary so therefore not allowed on any posters.

Ideally I would like enough people in attendance to spread from the intersection right down to the end of the block. Designated people will stand at the intersections and hand out leaflets.

Help is needed with:
1. Printing of leaflets.
2. Possibly transporting people in the same area as you to and from the venue.
3. Sharing of this event.
4. Someone to join me at the meeting with the authorities.
5. Taking of photographs and videos.
6. Media coverage.

As numbers are imperative when meeting with the authorities, PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO ACTUALLY BE THERE!. if all you can do is show your support, then click MAYBE.

Lets make this the largest gathering of supporters of dolphins in Africa!

Any questions, please contact me.