By The P Nigeria
Sat, Apr 25. 8:00AM - 11:00AM
Banana Island,Lagos, Ikoyi

TXFit Presents: Workout with Atarhe! Personal Trainer Atarhe Clarke (NESTA) will be hosting a workout session which will include dieting techniques, exercise basics, a great workout, as well as refreshments. Having lost over 100lbs and competing in Musclemania world competition (Top 15), Atarhe has learned a lot of fitness techniques which work for losing weight/fat as well as gaining lean muscle. After this (these) sessions, you should have basic knowledge of how to live a healthy lifestyle through working out and dieting, as well as making the right health-concious choices. The session will be hosted in the Park at Banana Island, Ikoyi. Refreshments will be provided. Items to bring: Receipt of purchase Mat Letter from primary care physician

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