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Work in Europe / Sweden - Work Visa, Employers, Jobs, Relocation (ACC)

By English Jobs Sweden
Tue, Aug 22. 7PM - 8PM
Regus - Accra, Atlantic Tower, Accra
past about 1 month
Work in Europe / Sweden - Work Visa, Employers, Jobs, Relocation (ACC)


Our workshop is specially designed to give international job seekers in Sweden an insight into what is required by Swedish employers and how to improve their chances of success.

All workshops are held as 1 on 1 sessions via online web meetings over Skype. Typical duration is 45 mins.


This is your chance to work directly with a recruiter and get help with moving to Sweden, finding a job and settling down.

You will learn how to apply for jobs in Sweden and getting your work permit / visa.

Learn about applying for jobs:

1. How to match your skills and experience with Swedish companies hiring

2. Which industries you should focus on and how to find out about jobs available ?

How to find opportunities at companies such as Spotify, Truecaller, Tictail that are rapidly expanding into international markets.

3. How to connect with employers hiring international talent and who to contact

4. How to present your skills and competencies.

5. How to apply at the right time depending on the industry and company.

6. How to send your CV and follow up

7. How to get decisions and interview requests.

8. Your expected salary and salary negotiations

Learn about getting your work permit:

1. How the work permit application process works

2. How to meet employer and migration board requirements.

3. How to qualify for fast track work permit application

4. How to secure your work permit, tax id number (personal number)

5. What you need to know before you arrive in Sweden - housing, food, expense budgets, bank account, settling in

6. Your rights as an international job seeker, insurance, trade union rules

7. How to secure a permanent work residence permit

8. Common mistakes international job seekers make and how to to avoid application errors

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