wizzbee ultimate joy-pad helm marathon

By Technobee Pvt Ltd
Fri, Apr 17 7:45AM - Mon, Apr 20 10:45AM
Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

this will be a unique event never seen before in-which like sport gaming will be acknowledged as not only a hobbie but an activity where people exhibit unique talent too. The target group will be generic in terms of age ,as long as you are a gaming enthusiast and you have what it take to compete among the best. Gamers from all over will be attending this 4 day event with games like FIFA ,PRO evolution soccer,Mortal combart ,injustice just to mention but a few .Each game shall have a grant prize with prices ranging from ,iPad,smartphones and console gaming devices . It will surely be a phenomenon never experienced before. Contact any wizzbee for more details . Registration dates will be announced in due time . do you have what it takes

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