Winter Playoffs South Africa

Winter Playoffs South Africa
past over 1 year ago

Fri, Feb 10 8:00AM - Sun, Feb 12 3:00PM

The Campus... Sloane St Bryanston, South Africa

Event Details

The Blizzard Winter Prelims will be running in JHB again this year. Please join us, especially if you are up in GP. This is a Blizzard event, which means there is a lot on the line and a lot of effort has been put in to make the event of a high standard.

So what's happening?

Quite a lot actually! The main event for most people will be that of the side Conquest Hearthstone Tournament. There is a lot of money on the line in this tournament, but most importantly, just participating, even if you come stone last, will earn you the POWER CORE cardback. Now for those who have no idea what that cardback means, it's only attainable at approved Blizzard eSports events. It's exclusive, and if you are like me and you love to collect rare things and show off, it's a must have.

Other events will also be taking place throughout the Saturday and Sunday such as cosplay, tavern brawl tournaments, fun little side games encouraging you to do random things within the game and checking them off. There will be Blizzard swag up for grabs, even if you're just a spectator! The venue will be hearthstone themed and decorated, a stream with camera's of the crowd, players, games, casting will also be running throughout the event..

Basically if you like Hearthstone and even Blizzard, it's a must to attend.

The admin team went through a lot of effort to host it in JHB, so JHB/PTA peeps, show your might and prove to us that it was a good move!

Looking forward to seeing you guys there, it's going to be a great weekend!