What Happened To Courtship Stage Play

What Happened To Courtship Stage Play
past almost 3 years ago

Sat, Sep 19 4:00PM - Sun, Sep 20 7:00PM

Kumasi, Ghana Kumasi, Ghana

Event Details

“What Happened To Courtship”? Combines elements of drama and comedy. Bride and groom, who are also successful business partners, are forced by circumstances to offer a their security man at work (an aging, oddly behaving man) the role of a witness in their wedding ceremony. To kill time, the young couple asks their witness to tell them about women he loved. The result turns out to be quite unexpected. This accidental arrangements dramatically changes the fates of all three characters. This spectacular, live- stage play celebrates love relations through humor and drama. This play have been designed to connect to the heart of this generation through powerful messages that will reveal and release the issues of their life. From dramatic presentations and powerful poetry performances, audience/congregation will understand that while there has always been sex without love, easy and early sexual satisfaction makes love and real intimacy less, not more, likely — for both men and women.
Self Esteem Learning Foundation is using WHAT HAPPENED TO COURTSHIP? PLAY, to help build positive self ESTEEM.
Mission: This play’s mission is for all to leave the auditorium with the vision to embrace their unique self and say with confidence, "I am beautiful".

Core Objectives
The core objectives of What Happened To Courtship? Play involve the following:
a) To help individuals understand the power of their attitude toward themselves and views about themselves.
b) To help individuals to learn to overcome the fear of self-love.
c) To inform people that self-worth requires that you learn to listen to and rely upon your own feelings and not automatically respond to the feelings of other people.
d) To inform people to stop making their self-worth conditional on other people.
e) To help individuals to discover that they matter:
f) Inform individuals to seize opportunities as they come their way.
g) To inform individuals to value themselves regardless of their job and earnings.
h) To inform individuals to maintain their focus on self-worth as an important part of what goes into making them whole.
Host a church movie/drama event; Use WHAT HAPPENED TO COURTSHIP PLAY to host a church movie/Drama event and strengthen marriages, Relationships and help build positive self ESTEEM in your church and community. Empower members to invite friends and family who might not attend a traditional service. Show this Self Esteem and relationship play at your church. It is ideal for families, Singles, women and men's ministries in general, and for small groups as well. Also great for business leaders to improve their employees' home lives. Daytime or evening programs available. Ask us about sponsorship opportunities & availabilities!
Conclusions; What Happened To Courtship Road show is our contribution to the development in Ghana and it is our prayer that stakeholders, individuals, institutions will give the needed support and advice. Again, from reliable estimation, it is the belief of S.E.L.F that this project is technically feasible, spiritually healthy, socially acceptable and haven for partners .We hope that it would fulfill the cherished ideas of all parties concerned.