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Wellness Meet - Up With Ariel

By Ariel The Wellness Coach
Sat, May 1. 7:00AM - 5:00PM
Labadi Beach Hotel, Accra
past 17 days
Wellness Meet - Up With Ariel

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The Wellness Meet-up continues unabated on the 1st of May at Lababi Beach Hotel ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

At the last session, three things were very clear and certain to me. First of all, this meet-up for wellbeing has come at a very crucial and needed time for the whole city. Secondly, a supportive community of conscious wellness seekers is building. Lastly, the vision for the Ariel Wellness Club Launched in May 2016 is here to stay.

The Wellness Meet-up brings healing, balance, and transformation in the lives of the attendees on all the dimensions of wellness. 

💫Environmentally, the location with its sea breeze, palm trees, lake, garden, architecture, and ambiance gives us the natural space to relax all day. 

💫Physically, our aerobics and dance coach, helps us to get our body into the right movements to release the toxins from the stress all month. 

💫Socially, we connect during our recreation fun activities and bond as a supportive family and community knowing that we belong. 

💫Intellectually / occupationally, we learn and discuss great topics that enhance and improves our life, career, health, and wellbeing. 

💫Emotionally, we care for our emotions as we lighten up and practice great self-care of laughter, conversations, swimming and simply being more conscious 

💫Financially, we are having so much at a very good budget we can afford every month in order to balance our lives. 

💫Nutritionally, a balanced breakfast is served with a 5-star touch to nourish our bodies. 

💫And last but not the least, we are spiritually nourished with great values, beliefs, finding deeper meaning in life as we take the time to stop doing and start being. We become more loving, kind, and positive members of our communities. 

You don’t have to stand by and look. Your life is passing in every moment. So join the wellness intentional community for more ease, flow, joy, balance, and success in your life.

I and my wonderful team will love to see you on the 1st of May. Register now

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Ariel The Wellness Coach


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