Wealth Summit - Kimberlery

Wealth Summit - Kimberlery
past over 2 years ago

Sat, Feb 27. 6:00AM - 3:00PM

Protea Hotel, Big Hole, Kimberley, South Africa Kimberley, South Africa

Event Details

Too many people continue to live in a world over which they have no control and to create lives that keep them in a cycle of debt or worse. The lessons you need to overcome those challenges and turn your life around are everywhere, and it is for that reason we believe a summit that enables you to tap into them is incredibly valuable. The Wealth Summit also has the distinction of being the only such information forum to visit areas beyond the major Metros, such as George, Port Elizabeth, Kimberley, East London and Bloemfontein.

The Wealth Summit brings together South African and international entrepreneurs, life coaches and success stories.

These skilled entrepreneurs will endeavour to help you in your quest to identify great opportunities for success, to overcome the most common obstacles and deliver a menu of great ideas to turn your dreams of wealth into a practical reality.

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