Wealth Mastery - Discover Your Inner Millionaire with Andrew Barsa

Wealth Mastery - Discover Your Inner Millionaire with Andrew Barsa
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Sat, Dec 3. 12:00PM - 6:00PM

Laico Regency Hotel Uhuru Hwy, Nairobi

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Wealth Mastery

Discover Your Inner Millionaire with International Speaker, Best Selling Author & Top Wealth Psychologist Andrew Barsa

Taking place on the 3rd December 2016 LIVE in Nairobi, Kenya at the Laico Regency hotel.

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Whether you want to become an entrepreneur, property guru or successful investor, having the right IQ and knowledge is one thing, however having the EQ (emotional Quotient or intelligence) is what matters. The ability to identify, understand and manage emotions in positive ways is paramount. To make wise financial decisions you must know how to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathize with others, overcome challenges and defuse conflict. EQ is about working and mastering your inner blue print allowing you to live a successful life in any field. Andrew Barsa believes “Knowledge will give you education but success is the program of the mind”

Attend this workshop and discover some of Andrew Barsa's internationally renowned lessons and practices.

Andrew empowers business owners and corporate by offering them the effective strategies on leadership, purpose, and engaging employees to perform at optimum state, resulting in a 30 to 500% growth in profits within months.

Learn to unlock your own inner millionaire. At this 2-hour seminar, you will discover:

  • How to reprogram your mind for meteoric and lasting success?
  • How to triple your wealth with months?
  • Why your upbringing and education can be blockers to your success, not stepping stones – and how to fix that
  • Proven and ready-to-implement wealth money management system
  • A simple four step plan that you can take away and use to achieve any goal in life, no matter how audacious!
  • How to reset your self-worth, and learn to settle for more!
  • Master your fear of failure… and your fear of success
  • How to apply the strategies of the super-rich
  • Discover which type of millionaire you will become
  • What the school system never taught you about money
  • As well as these insights, you will also discover and be given the chance to be coached live.

Best Selling Author & Top Wealth Psychologist, Andrew Barsa will be hosting this live coaching and teaching YOU wealth strategies.

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