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Starts: Saturday, 28 February, 2015 01:00pm

Ends: Saturday, 28 February, 2015 04:00pm

Event Details

There is no greater joy than living life while doing what you love. There is no greater joy than creating social change while doing what you love. Viva con Agua supported by Welthungerhilfe , Goethe-Institut and Afrika Arts Kollektive is collaborating with various musicians and artists to realize the great vision „all for water - water for all!“
Viva con Agua wants to send a message out to the youth and therefore uses the universal languages of music, football and art.

Sublime and freaky artists from all over the globe will come together to illustrate „water“: Julia Benz, Bobbie Serrano, Ronald Ro Kerango, Kintu Paul, Amabex. Get close to the action and witness the "Secret Wars“! Here the artists go head to head in an art battle that aims to push their skills and creativity to their limits.

And that is not all! Extraordinary musical talents are on board too: Tucker HD from AirporTaxi, Lady Slyke from the News Beat, Tim Ukena, Abrams and Sylvester from Breakdance Project Uganda, the sweet voiced Onejiru from Kenya and Big Size himself, Gagamel Boss, Bebe Cool

This is what we call an "All Profit Show" which means EVERYONE will benefit - be it due to fun, meeting people, dancing, entertainment or collaborating to realize the vision „all for water - water for all!“