Water Quality Management and |Risk Assessment (Session 3)

Water Quality Management and |Risk Assessment (Session 3)
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Starts: Thursday, 25 August, 2016 05:30am

Ends: Friday, 26 August, 2016 03:00pm

Event Details

A technical program that focuses on aspects of water treatment and the requirements for water and waste water including blue drop and green drop programs. The program also goes into the various aspects of planning and risk management.

Program structure

Water supply and quality management: Blue Drop Program
Waste water management: Green Drop Program
Waste water risk abatement plans W2RAPs
Water quality monitoring programs
Management of drinking water quality
Drinking water audits, analysis and management programs
Waste water infrastructure management programs
Water safety plaans WSPs
Management of effluent quality programs
Process controllers and supervisors:Operation, maintenance and management skills
Waste water treatment and disposal

Brochure available here: http://advancedbusinessoptions.co.za/wp/quotes/