VSO Knowledge Exchange Program, Accra, Ghana

VSO Knowledge Exchange Program, Accra, Ghana
past over 2 years ago

Fri, Feb 12. 8:30AM - 12:00PM

British Council Liberia Road, Accra, Ghana

Event Details

We wish to invite you to celebrate the Launch of VSO Knowledge Exchange with us on 12th February, 2016 at the British Council Auditorium from 8:30am to 12noon.


Please join us in discovering the unending possibilities of a cross-sector initiative such as Knowledge Exchange and discover examples of best practices between VSO and some corporate partners highlighting the key role of corporate skills-based volunteering.

Please do not hesitate to contact Emelia Ayipio Asamoah at 026 6607867 or Emelia.asamoah@vsoint.org for more details.