Visiting Angels (Christmas for Hospitalized Children)

Visiting Angels (Christmas for Hospitalized Children)
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Mon, Dec 26. 11:00AM - 1:00PM

Abuja, Nigeria Abuja, Nigeria

Event Details

THEME OF PROJECT: Visiting Angels (celebrating Christmas with hospitalized children)

OBJECTIVE: To restore Hope and put Smiles on the faces of children lying in their sick bed. To Inspire these little innocent ones with God’s Love and give them a beautiful Christmas.

BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PROJECT: Every sick person feels a sense of weakness and isolation. The most ideal moment to express the love of God might be that moment when a child is down.
Just when the child feels that the only person that cares is Mommy, who spends all the time with her in the hospital, a group of caring people shows up in her hospital room. They spend some quality time with her, play with her, pray for her, tell her stories that inspire hope and finally surprise her with some lovely Christmas gifts.
This is unlike any other hospital visitation. It focuses strictly on children. We will be playing the role of Angels (or in the language of children, the role of Fairies), we won’t just be wishing them “speedy recovery,” we inspire them for speedy recovery.
We will help the hospitalized children to be brave in the face of their predicament. We will distract their mind from the illness by giving them a Christmas to remember
This visit will leave a lasting memory in the minds of every sick child that we come in contact with, especially children with life-threatening illness.

DATE: 26th December 2016 (Boxing Day)
BENEFITIARIES: Children in the Pediatric Word

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