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Veiled Truth Stage Play at Bayimba Festival

By BLAC Anthem
Fri, Sep 22. 4:00PM - 5:30PM
Uganda National Cultural Centre, Kampala

THE VIELED TRUTH PERFORMER: Niyomufasha Yvette and Nabasa Linda SYNOPSIS The Veiled Truth is a production both in English and French that shows the purpose of truth. It focuses on a girl who gets lost and finds herself part of an art installation. She witnesses an outsider a museum guide who misrepresents her, only telling half of her story. So many communities face a problem of outsiders who come in looking for interesting stories to tell. Most times the way these stories are told are false and only for the benefit of the outsider. This leads to the danger of a single story. With an increase in migration, constant change of culture, languages and technology to keep up with this change, we are being forced to lose our true selves, our culture and heritage. Now is the time to stand up and tell our true stories, untale the lies, the misconceptions that keep dividing us. If not then all we have is the veiled truth.

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