Universities' Floorball Tournament

Universities' Floorball Tournament
past over 1 year ago

Fri, Jun 2 6:00AM - Sat, Jun 3 5:00PM

Mount Kenya University, Thika engen Thika, Kenya

Event Details

This tournamemt is a launch for the floorball at Kenyan universities. There is a women's and men's competitions. Depending on the number of teams participating, they will be divided into groups and the playoffs will be played based on the teams' position in the groups.

The regional floorball leagues will start in May-June. The exact date for each competition and region will be published in the competition schedule.

The leagues will be played in Street Floorball rules, court and goals: 4 against 4 field players, no goalkeepers. This allows all of the the new teams to start playing affordably.

Please contact Technical Director Petteri Bergius (petteribergiusATfloorball.or.ke or 0719-842706) for more information about registration, rules and any other matter. You can also find the generic rules of Street Floorball on FFK website: http://floorball.or.ke/index.php/about-floorball/street-floorball