UMKC Bloch School Study Abroad

UMKC Bloch School Study Abroad
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Sat, May 21 10:00PM - Sat, May 28 9:59PM

Cape Town, South Africa Cape Town, South Africa

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Study Global Health and Social Issues in South Africa

Trip Overview
Cape Town is South Africa's second largest city. It is famous for its spectacular geographic setting with the iconic Table Mountain overlooking "the Fairest Cape in all the world". Forbes calls it one of the most beautiful cities on the globe. Apart from its physical beauty, Cape Town boasts great cultural diversity, a vibrant jazz scene, and is at the heart of a legendary wine producing region. Its significance in the overturning of apartheid cannot be overemphasized.

This interdisciplinary course (3 credit hours) focuses broadly on global health and social issues from the perspectives of national and international policy, economic and cultural issues, and activities that can alleviate the world-wide burden of disease and disparity. Intensive pre-trip sessions include discussions on South African economic, political and social history in a 21st century context, recognizing the extraordinary dynamism of this very important country. Upon return to Kansas City, students will reflect on their experiences via formal presentation and report.

Students with an interest in health care as a clinical, political or economic topic, public policy, social services, etc. are invited to participate in this unique opportunity.

Some activities will be arranged or held in conjunction with events at the University of the Western Cape and include visits to health facilities and social services in townships and rural settings.