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Sat, Dec 6. 9:00AM - 9:00PM

Aboretum Park Aboretum Drive Nairobi, Kenya

Event Details

We took the trouble of hiring a team of scientists whose work was to study a specific species,THE PARTY ANIMALS.Their findngs were beyond remarkable:Ths is the fastest evolving species on earth necessitating bigger better and louder noise.CANDY unvails ULTRALIFE FESTIVAL a RAVE EDITION from dawn to dusk,12.00 noon to 12.00 midnight.The noise will be so loud that the sun will have to run and set.

A new age of being wild for the night will dawn with a life in colour eperience lined up just for you.One quest,one motion,the ultimate revolution STOP SURVIVING AND START LIVING.

The ear drillers set to keep you on your toes with noise from the following genres:


(Will be out soon)

But that will only quench your beat thirst.
To make sure your centimental memories are there to last we have only the best crisp visionists


If you live to eat then you ought to TURN UP...
Delicasies will range from Mang'dogs to locals such as Ugali and Kuku choma courtesy of


But that is not even half of what will go down.Ever dreamt of seeing yourself star in multiple aftermovies??
Well videography will be under the masters


Show up and experience a make believe world turn reality.We have set out to create the Kenyan version of Tomorrow land.

You are probably asking what you will be doing when you are not eating, featuring or jumping around and your hype has just gone south...well there will be loads of activities going down with our signature topping the list:

☆Free live BBQ
☆Candy bucket showers
☆Trampoline house
☆Neon painting
☆Coloured smoke cannons

THAT'S not all we have charged Zaytoon house with the task of turning the venue cloudy with sheesha at its best quality and lowest price.
(Smoke lover we got you covered)

What more can you want?
A show dropper?

At exactly 00.00 hours(midnight) we will light up the skies with a FIREWORKS display to own the night

The ultra event lifestyle craving to be taken down is calling calling calling...

This time we do it like BORN TAO'S*

Our faith in the crowd lies in the animals when it comes to marketing:



Advanced 800/=

Gate 1200/=

V.I.P 2000/=
(Ticket outlets will be out on November 8th)
Missing this event may cause harm such as depression to the human body.


Neither the organisers nor the venue sponsors,agents,employers or servants shall be liable for personal injury to or loss of life of any person or through loss or damage of property of whatever nature at the venue however arising or caused whether by reaction of the default or negligence of the specified person or any of them or otherwise.


Hosted by CANDY