Uganda Marathon 2016

Uganda Marathon 2016
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Starts: Sunday, 5 June, 2016 06:00am

Ends: Sunday, 5 June, 2016 09:00am

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Despite Becky despising running & Michael’s usual holiday preference to be relaxing on a beach, we have decided to take on running the Uganda International Marathon in June 2016! We are raising money for the communities that we are visiting and running with. ‘One of the toughest marathon courses in the World’ it will take us along a gruelling 26.2 mile course, with a 1.2km elevation, ON THE EQUATOR?!

We are fundraising for 3 incredible local projects;

1) Chedra & the Bugabira School, offering subsidised education for disadvantaged children, who would not be able to afford schooling otherwise.

2) Action for Integrated Community Development, focusing on community support to help families with mentally and physically disabled youth.

3) Kitovu Mobile, creating an empowered community with the ability to cope with HIV/AIDS and its impact, improving the quality of life of those affected. We are so excited to work with these projects and appreciate any donations you are able to give.

Uganda International Marathon 2016

The Uganda International Marathon is a 6 day challenge on the Equator culminating in A Race Like No Other. Participants from all round the world join 3,000 runners from Uganda to take on a 10k, half or full Marathon distance through a beautiful but tough rural course.

In May 2015, the inaugural Marathon took place. The event raised 372,000,000 Ugandan shillings for charity, making it the second largest fundraising event in Ugandan history. In 2016 the Marathon is set to be the biggest ever!

The money raised goes towards projects in the town of Masaka that hosts the marathon - supporting local community development projects. Runners spend time with these projects, and see the impact and difference their participation has made on the lives of people in Uganda.

After the marathon, there are monthly project visits from our staff, progress reports, financial statements and photo and video updates. Every pound donated will directly help the people of Uganda