True Women Workshop

True Women Workshop
past over 2 years ago

Thu, Nov 19 8:00AM - Fri, Nov 20 5:00PM

Alisa Hotel North Ridge 21 Dr. Isert Road - North Ridge, P. O. Box 1111, Accra - Ghana, Ghana

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STRANDS OF PEARLS INTERNATIONAL in partnership with Innovative Group USA and The Journey present their annual conference and workshop, True Women.

True Women is a programme that supports women on a balanced journey of happiness.

  • Have you been looking for your True Self? Wanting to be in touch with your dreams and hopes?
  • Do you sometimes feel stuck in so many challenges & just need some tools to overcome these challenges and get balance in your life?
  • Are you looking for true change in your life and needing more positivity and support to take you through it?
  • Do you feel you need to understand people better, communicate deeper, and finally reach effective relationships with all those around you

True Women can definitely give you the support you need to find your True Self, Happiness, and Balance in your precious life.

True Women is a complete integrated program made of five modules targeted to help you develop your own personal tools to handle all your life challenges. You Deserve It!

True WomenWorkshops:

  • The She Factor: Many women go through life without knowing themselves, realizing their full potential, or even getting in touch with their dreams. Being aware of yourself gives you a deeper understanding of your goals, dreams, and abilities. It is the first step to the process of full acceptance and change.
    • True self.
    • Having a vision and goals in life.
    • Zooming in your abilities.
  • Women for all times: Women nowadays face so many challenges to make their life happily balanced. They spend their time juggling too many things; sometimes forgetting their own personal needs in the way. The key is to smartly manage your own emotions throughout all pressures.
    • Exercising control.
    • Wheel of life.
    • Be proactive and not reactive.
    • More time for yourself, less stress for your life.
    • Forgive and let go.
    • Giving in without giving u
  • You are Special: Women look for true change in their life and in so many cases they don’t know from where and how to start. They actually need to get in touch with their inner power and somewhat hidden self confidence. This part is dedicated to helping you apply ACTIVE methods to deliver the maximum value from positive thinking and application of will power.
    • I am a wonderful person.
    • Continuous positive talk and positive thinking.
    • Take the initiative.
    • Seeking and celebrating success.
  • Communicating in Colours: Throughout our lives, communication is considered the cementing bond for all relationships; it is more so for women. To strengthen all communication, empathy is the main pillar for establishing a solid base to build on. In this part we will emphasize tools to better understand others, respect diversity, and communicate effectively.
    • Listening from the heart.
    • Communicating verbally and non-verbally the best possible way.
    • Adopting to diversity of different people.
    • Positive communication with men.
  • Celebrating relationships: The main goal for women is to reach the fruitful stage of celebrating happy relationships with all those of significance and importance in her precious life. It’s important to know how to develop and maintain good relationships, communicate clearly, inspire and influence others, work well in a team, and manage conflict.
    • Win-win solutions.
    • Focus on strengths.
    • Emotional bank account.
    • Overcoming all barriers for relationships.
    • Team integration in all your life aspects.