True Women Workshop

By Strands of Pearls International
Thu, Jun 4 8:00AM - Fri, Jun 5 5:00PM
Alisa Hotel North Ridge, Accra - Ghana

True Women is a programme that supports women on a balanced journey of happiness. 
• Have you been looking for your True Self? Wanting to be in touch with your dreams and hopes?
• Do you sometimes feel stuck in so many challenges and just need some tools to overcome these challenges and get balance in your life?
• Are you looking for true change in your life and needing more positivity and support to take you through it?
• Do you feel you need to understand people better, communicate deeper, and finally reach effective relationships with all those around you

True Women can definitely give you the support you need to find your True Self, Happiness, and Balance in your precious life.
True Women is a complete integrated program made of five modules targeted to help you develop your own personal tools to handle all your life challenges. 
You Deserve It!

True Women Programmes:
• The She Factor
• Women for all Times
• You are Special
• Communicating in Colours
• Celebrating relationships
Date: June 4th - 5th, 2015. Venue: Alisa Hotel, North Ridge, Accra, Ghana.

For registration please visit the website.
Phone: +233 0265 051 182.

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