Tricking SUMMER JAM 2016 (Workshop/Battle)

Tricking SUMMER JAM 2016 (Workshop/Battle)
past over 2 years ago

Sat, Mar 12. 8:00AM - 11:00AM

Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu - South Africa 2nd floor, 86 Buitengracht St (above 'Build-it') Cape Town, South Africa

Event Details

Learn the Tricks, Kicks and Flips you've always wanted to!

**ALL LEVELS WELCOME and we strongly urge everyone to participate in the workshop**

Join us for South Africa's first major Tricking gathering & workshop with trickers hailing from both Cape Town and Joburg to share knowledge, train, do battle, level up and most importantly have fun!

This event will be held at the Renzo Gracie Jiu-Jitsu - South Africa and aims to introduce the amazing sport of tricking to both new comers and those wanting to improve on their skills. Workshops will be provided by experienced athletes which will be handled professionally to guarantee everyone leaving the event feeling stronger and closer to achieving their tricking goals!

The battle section of Summer Jam will also be the very first organised tricking battles in South Africa, with an open session on the floor followed by elimination round style battle for the big boys to show off their stuff. Open call-outs or battle requests are also welcome on the events page.

Workshops -

The Workshops held at Summer Jam will be broken into 3 categories as follows:

Kicks/Basic Movement & footwork (Malcolm, Chase, Slobo)

Basic Flips and Tumbling (Andrew Kelly, Tyrone)

Advanced tricks, combos and transitioning (Gerry, The)

Each Section of the workshop will be approximately 40 mins long. Athletes of different skill level will also be split up to better facilitate learning of new skills.

Open Session -

Open Sessions for all trickers will be open for an hour. This is gives everyone the opportunity to throw new tricks learnt on the day or show off new skills. These are always a fun and enjoyable section of any tricking event.

Battles -

The battle section of the event will commence shortly after the open session with elimination challenge style rounds.

A maximum of 10 trickers may enter.

On the 1st round, challengers will be expected to demonstrate their best kicking trick. 4 trickers will be eliminated leaving the remaining six to go onto the next round.

The 2nd round of the elimination will be the best combo round. With this round only 3 trickers will be allowed to move up to the next round.

The 3rd round will be a biggest trick round where the trickers will be expected to perform they're biggest move. Only one tricker will be eliminated here leaving the final to progress to the main 1 vs 1 battle.

The main 1 vs 1 battle will have the final two trickers perform for 40 seconds on the clock. A winner will be decided and event will come to a close.

The prize for first place will be 10 free hours of training at rush trampoline gym.

Battles will be judged by Russ, Nathan & Slobo

Hope to see you all there!