Training on Natural Resources Management and Conflict Reoslution

Training on Natural Resources Management and Conflict Reoslution
past almost 3 years ago

Tue, Sep 15. 6:00AM - 1:00PM

Sankara Nairobi Woodvale Grove, Westlands Nairobi, Kenya

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ANREMI will conduct a three day workshop. It will focus primarily on NRM, conflict, and peacebuilding in Africa.
Topics covered will include:
1) the role of natural resources as a cause of conflict 2)greed and grievance theory)
3) linkages between specific resources such as the Turkana oil, conflict and community coexistence
4) environmental impacts of war
5) environmental impact on refugees and host communities
6) the private sector and natural resources management 7) conflict and the Global Extractive Industries in Africa,
8) Transparency; gender; and NRM in Africa

WORKSHOP COST: $700 without food
$1100 plus food
More information contact us at:
The Director
Cell: +245 737 254407
+1 603 660 8819
+61 478 021 100
You can always leave your voicemail our administrator will contact you back. Our program is half sponsored by our partners.There are limited numbers. Our course can only take 25 people at a time.

AUGUST 1, 2015
NB: Thank you for those who registered and made their payment on time. We also take this opportunity to thank our sponsors who have made this possible. We are no longer accepting applications due to limited space and we have hit our target. We send our apologies and promise to try and increase our intake capacity in the future... regards from ANREMI team