Tour to Ghana: the Dipo ceremonies and the Akwasidae festival

By TransAfrica
Fri, Apr 29. 7:00AM - 10:00AM
Ghana, Accra

Every year, in Ghana, around the end of April and the beginning of May , the Krobo people give birth to one of the most spectacular initiation ceremonies in West Africa: The “Dipo” ceremony meant for girls only. Over a long week-end, young girls are taught through ancestral rites how to be good mothers and wives. The highlight of the ceremony is when they drop their childhood cloth to be entirely covered in beautiful beads made by the Krobo themselves. It is a way to stress the freshness and beauty of those young ladies ready to enter adulthood gracefully. We keep travelling through the West African ceremonies reaching the terrific Akwasidae festival which is celebrated by the Ashanti people around the King and the traditional chiefs. It is an unique opportunity to attend a highly colourful royal ceremony enjoying the sound of great drums giving rhythm to the strong moments of this ancestral ceremony.

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