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Sat, Sep 30 8:00AM - Sun, Oct 1 5:00PM

Laite Karunwi is a disciple of Jesus. She had been a believer for over 25 years but didn't know how to make disciples, until she came across the teachings of TLR in February 2016. Now she is activated, fruitful; making disciples that are also making disciples. She is very passionate about seeing the same transformation in the lives of others. She shares, "I've always known that the 'Church' I saw around me was different from what I saw in the Bible and didn't understand why or how to be the real Church until I listened to the teachings of TLR. I praise God I am alive at a time like this. Now I am a disciple and making disciples." She will be sharing for two days at this seminar. There will be teaching, activation and healing that will absolutely change your life. Attenders will learn how to share the true gospel effectively; heal the sick; cast out demons - these are all evidences of being a disciple according to Jesus.(Mark 16:17) They'll also be trained in how to baptize people in water; and with the Holy Spirit; and live fruitful self-replicating lives as disciples of Jesus. Disciples reproducing reproducers! Just like our Lord intended. Register now! It's fast and easy. FAQs What is The Last Reformation (TLR)? TLR is a movement that seeks to help believers in the Church (Body 0f Christ) return to the active, power-filled, supernatural life of the early disciples we read about in The Book of Acts. What does kickstarting mean? It simply means helping another disciple to pray for the sick for the first time and see people getting healed immediately for the first time. Kickstarting is short for instructing people to heal the sick, preach the gospel, cast out demons, etc. by taking them out practically and showing them how to do it. When you have done it once, you know you can do it again and show others how also. It is a powerful discipleship tool. Why do believers need kickstarting? In the early Church, walking in the supernatural and doing all these was normal. A believer that didn't do these was considered unserious. A new believer went out with them and started doing these as well since ALL could. Over time, the body of Christ has stopped walking in the supernatural as a normal way of life, so to go back to the life in the book of Acts, we have to kickstart believers to show them they can do this and the Holy Spirit is real and within them, waiting for them to go out and 'lay hands'. The goal is to see ALL that name Christ kickstarted and walking daily and normally in the supernatural. We need to talk less and demonstrate power to prove the gospel and our connection to God. Why do we need to do all these? Mark 16: 17,18 lists signs that will naturally follow believers. This signs are all true for all believers, but many have not discovered that they can do these things yet. Healing and preaching are not suggestions by Jesus. They are commandments. We want to show every believer that wants to obey Jesus how to do it. When one person is doing it, the person gets a lot of the glory, but when all believers are doing it, Jesus gets the glory! See videos online. Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event? Minimum age requirement is 10. What can I bring into the event? The usual things, your Bible, Notebook, you may need a sweater or jacket to keep warm and comfortable shoes to wear when we go into the market for healing practice on Day 1. Also you will need a change of clothing and a towel for baptisms and/or baptism training on Day 2. What will I learn at the Seminar? You will learn hands-on to heal the sick, preach the correct Gospel, baptise in water, minister the Holy Spirit, cast out demons and teach others to do all these i.e. make disciples. You will also learn why it is important to do all these, which will keep you motivated. You will be able to do all these by the time the seminar is over. How can I contact the organizer with any questions? You can send us an email to: You can also sms +234 8033037814

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