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Thursday Movie Night - The Latitude - African Short Films

By Goethe-Institut Tanzania
Thu, Mar 1. 4:00PM - 7:30PM
Goethe-Institut Tanzania, Dar es Salaam
past over 1 year
Thursday Movie Night - The Latitude - African Short Films

The Latitude Short Film Compilation Part 1. Watch four selected short Films of young African Film makers. Dario Fonseca: “Mahla” , Mozambique, 29:44 min. A woman decides to leave her violent husband. Going through with this, however, is not such a simple matter. Jan-Hendrik Beetge: “The Abyss Boys”, South Africa, 26 min. Two brothers attempt to escape their old existence and start their lives anew as illegal abalone divers. Oshosheni Hiveluah: “Cries At Night”, Namibia, 13:05 min. The past catches up with a Namibian war veteran when, by chance, he encounters his former torturer. Didi Cheeka: “Bloodstones”, Nigeria, 19:44 min. Trapped as slave labourers in a Nigerian stone quarry, two children plot their escape. The LATITUDE compilation is a result of the Goethe-Institut Pan African Short Film Competition which began in 2007. The perception of Africa in cinema is often clichéd. It’s either war, destruction, AIDS, corruption and famine, or happy, dancing, singing people in rural settings. These young filmmakers are breaking the clichés, finding their voices and challenging conventions. These films cover all genres -from Science Fiction to Comedy to Melodrama to Thriller to Drama to Satire.

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