Thursday Movie Night @Goethe - Safari ya Gwalu And Daladala

By Goethe-Institut Tanzania
Thu, Sep 15. 4:30PM - 7:00PM
Goethe-Institut Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

Safari ya Gwalu Daniel Menege Tanzania 2016 120 min ComNet Bongo Movie Awards: Best Actor (Salim Ahmed) When Gwalu Gwalumbe, a ghetto-wise newspaper seller loses his bike his world turns sour. Unemployed and unemployable, he makes the hard decision to return to school and complete his primary school studies in order to set himself up for life…and what a life! Daladala Salum Maulid Stika Tanzania 2016 10 min Emersons’s Foundation for Zanzibar Every human being deserves respect and all attendant rights. Zubeir demands his rights as a passenger in the ramshackle bus in Zanzibar popularly known as Daladala.

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