Thursday Movie Night at the Goethe Institut

By Goethe-Institut Tanzania
Thu, Sep 28. 4:00PM - 7:30PM
Goethe-Institut Tanzania, Dar es Salaam

In collaboration with the Zanzibar International Film Festival 2017 the Goethe Institut will present to you the winners of the Sembene Ousmane Award. Black Head Cow by Elizabeth Nichols, Tanzania, 2016, 12 minutes In a remote Maasai village in rural Tanzania, a bright young schoolgirl is suddenly confronted with an arranged marriage. As part of the first generation to go to school in her community, Naserian faces a dilemma between culture and education. Written and produced by students of Orkeeswa School, Tanzania. Gerretta by Mantegaftot Sileshi, Ethiopia, 2017, 8 minutes Yell and run, a mob runs after you in a second! When the head of an impoverished family is accused of theft, his everyday shopping trip turns into a matter of life or death; and everyone fails to see their own culpability while hunting him. Maria by Kamau Wandungu, Kenya, 2016, 35 minutes Muheshimiwa has been representing the people of Mtaa in the Parliament for decades. In all this time he has done nothing for them. As they have a wish for change they endorse Maria, a young and energetic woman. Will Maria become their next representative at Parliament? The Hangman by Zwelethu Radebe, South Africa, 2017, 32 minutes Mfundisi, Khetha’s father, realizes his wife, Sizakele, didn’t return from work despite the late hour. When the truth of Mfundisi’s disappearance is brought to the surface, Khetha must either choose forgiveness or live forever with regret of failing to accept the truth. Free entrance! Grill and cash bar!

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