Thursday Movie Night at Goethe

Thursday Movie Night at Goethe
past over 1 year ago

Thu, Mar 9. 4:00PM - 7:00PM

Goethe-Institut Tanzania 63 Alykhan Road, Upanga Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

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Berlin is in Germany

Martin is released from Brandenburg jail in 2001 after eleven years in prison. He was sentenced for murder in 1989. His sentence was later reduced to eleven years for manslaughter. Martin only knew the former GDR, but now he is suddenly confronted with the new, unified Berlin. He takes a room in a hotel and looks for a job, but in vain. He visits Manuela, his wife and the mother of a son he has never seen. The man with whom she is now living does not take this kindly. Martin meets old friends. One of them hires him to help in his sex shop where he meets a stripper, a nice Balkan girl who is studying in Berlin and sees the job as nothing more than a pastime. Martin also meets another old friend, the taxi-driver Enrique. He discovers that he enjoys driving a taxi and intends to obtain the necessary permit. He studies hard to pass the examination, but during the exam he learns that he cannot obtain such a permit on account of his criminal record. In total despair he goes back to the sex shop, intending to drown his sorrows in drink. The sex shop is raided by police shortly afterwards: it was evidently used to fence stolen goods or as a centre for drug dealing. Martin flees to Manuela, but is arrested there following a tip-off by her present partner. Manuela and Rocco stand by him, however, and his probation officer also promises to help. He is released from custody.

Director: Hannes Stöhr, 91 Min., 2001