Thrills and Chills Book Launch

Thrills and Chills Book Launch
past over 1 year ago

Fri, Jan 13. 10:30AM - 2:00PM

National Museums of Kenya P.O. BOX 40658 Nairobi Kenya 00100- Museum Hill Nairobi, Kenya

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Going through life is really trudging through the possibilities of pain and bliss, of hurt and mirth, of thrills and chills.

But life this century is bleaker than ever:
‘The rate of serious clinical depression has more than tripled over the last two generations, and increased by perhaps a factor of ten from 1900 to 2000.’

So the rationale of having written this book is to ‘say an inspiring word’ to a lot of people who are hurting, crying and sounding defeatist, an inspiring word to millions of people who are living in pain and indigence. I wrote it for a young chap who hopes there is no life after death so that he can finally rest, for a dejected ailing woman who thinks God enjoys torturing her and for some hopeless lad who threatens his friends he’d shoot himself. I wrote it for them and for myself.

In this book I discuss pain, impermanence, gratitude, suicide, speaking out, masculine stoicism, upward comparison and grit.

It's a little muse abounding in lilting words of cheer.

Welcome to the book launch courtesy of Writers' Guild Kenya.

Come and support me.