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The risk factor of high-risk pregnancy and prevention

Fri, Jun 26 10:00AM - Tue, Jul 7 6:00PM
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Pregnancy is the best moment of every woman’s life and they feel very happy. But when you know your baby is unsafe then how you feel. In the world, 1 out of the 3 women faces high-risk pregnancy problems because of many reasons. Many women don’t know when the pregnancy consider high risk, if they have any medical complication that affect their and baby health. If you face high-risk pregnancy then you have to know the risk factor and how to manage it. So let’s start.

A risk factor of high-risk pregnancy

Maternal age: the older women are they face more difficulties they have to face during pregnancy. Women who have more than 35 years of age then they have a high risk of complications during pregnancy.

Pre-existing health conditions: when a woman has a medical history of diabetes, sexually transmitted infections, blood sugar, any kidney disease, and other health issues. Apart from that, if women have a previous miscarriage or genetic disorder then women face high-risk pregnancy.

Lifestyle choices: lifestyle, like smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, maybe damaging the health of baby and mother both. Also, many women don’t take proper diet and nutrition and because of lack of nutrition, they face high-risk pregnancies.

How to prevent high-risk pregnancy?

However, not all high-risk pregnancies can be prevented but it is necessary that take proper safety for a healthy pregnancy. You should change your routine that helps to protect your baby and your health as well as your money. Here you will read some tips to prevent high-risk pregnancy.

Schedule appointment: to avoid high-risk pregnancy you have to make a proper schedule of appointment with pregnancy doctor. When you visit a doctor on time then you and your doctor can easily analyze what you need to control risk and get a normal pregnancy.

Weight: when you visit the doctor then you should ask them about how much weight you have to gain while you are pregnant. During pregnancy if you gain too much amount of weight then maybe you can face high-risk pregnancy and many other diseases as well like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. You should maintain weight when you get pregnant.

Diet and exercise: women need to take more nutrition therefore they have to consume healthy food and vitamins. They should take food that has iron, folic acid, and other vitamins. To reduce high-risk problem women need to do daily exercise. However, they need to ask a doctor about exercise.

How a High-Risk Pregnancy Specialist helps you?

A high-risk pregnancy specialist is one who understands your problem and helps you deliver the perfect fit and fine baby. Maybe your family doctor more caring but when it comes to high-risk pregnancy then you have to visit pregnancy doctor. As you have read above in high-risk pregnancy the life of you and your baby is in danger. The specialist helps you to avoid all danger and save your unborn baby.

How to choose the best doctor for pregnancy?

When we talk about better care and treatment during pregnancy then you have to select the best doctor for pregnancy. Many people think that selecting a doctor is not easy but it is easy if you know the better way. You should consider some points and that’s it you can choose the best one amongst all.

·         You should see certification and license
·         You need to also consider the experience of the doctor
·         Skills of doctor and their team
·         Availability of doctor
·         Services and facility, etc

Which is the best pregnancy doctor in Delhi?

Here you have read risk factors and prevention of high-risk pregnancy. But this pregnancy does not easily prevent, you have to visit the best pregnancy doctor in Delhi. However, many people face many difficulties while they find pregnancy doctor. When you find pregnancy doctor then you have to see experience, qualification, skills, certificate, and many more. In this article, you will know about topmost and the best pregnancy doctor which is dr Sheetal Agarwal. She has more than 24 years of experience and she knows how to provide care of pregnant women. She gives pre and post care of pregnancy and ensures that you and your baby will be safe.

During pregnancy, women need more care and love to take care of their babies.

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