The Rebellion 3.1

By NAPD - NairobiPartyingDepartment
Sat, Dec 10 12:00AM - Sun, Dec 11 5:00AM
Karen, Kenya, Karen

Dubbed the most crae crew in Nairobi, �N.A.P.D wraps it up to bring you the wildest independent ���� Partying invasion - THE REBELLION 3.1�� Come let’s enjoy our acquired freedom by partying till the sun rises��. The party venue is yet to be given out �. What makes The Rebellion 3.1 the place to be on 10th December from 3 p.m till 6 a.m the next day�� The rebellion 3.1 � will kick of your December partying wildness. Come let’s unlock our wild partying wildness with the most craziest yung people �� of Nairobi. We bring the city to a standstill�. What will be in the the REBELLION 3.1 roll down��� *Taxi �– Lets see who will puff out last�� *Smoke Cabin � – Let’s get high without smoking� *Miss Bumper show off� – The girl with the biggest ass takes the prize away i suppose���� *Twerkoff - We all know what’s going down here right���. *Make-out/Kissing booth���. *beer-pong�� *waterwars *seven minutes of heaven *We have featured DJ’s�� who will be keeping us hyped up � all through the crescent night�. Our main DJs:���� A-Kidd���� Dj Sqellta����� DJ K2 ���� and more.... How would it feel dancing to the tune �of an #EDM track while partying your life away�. Sounds good right ??� #Trap Music now days is the real thing.Just be sure we will bring you the best of the best.� #Hiphop culture is what we are and what defines us...�� A Kenyan party wont be a Kenyan party without #Locals..�Lets all get taunt up and be ready to have our independence day partying���� #Moombaton� #Riddim� *On security� issues things that may cause a threat to another person or they may cause a security threat to people are not allowed in the party. Things such as �Knives� �Razors� �Biro pens �e.t.c Any rogue behavior such as snatching, thieving or any form harassment on people will be treated as a security threat. The dress code should be anything apart from an obish look. There are no physical tickets for this party but pay at the gate fee is Ksh 500/= per person. Contact us: @Simon Kigz +254��������725704608� @Rapeesmo +254728960751���������� @Kapkwang' Allan +254706618083 #ComeletsParty #DecemberManenos #WeareNAPD #Rebellion3.1 #NAIROBIPARTYINGDEPARTMENT REBELLION3.1!!! COME LET’S UNLOCK OUR WILD SIDE!!

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