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The MA'AT Women Conference 2016

By Hodinyah Daniel
Sat, Jul 9. 12:00AM - 3:00AM
SRC Union Building University of Ghana, Legon

The MA'AT Women Coference is one that gathers all women under one venue irrespective of age,work,class creed or education for the course of informing the todays woman on 'Woman Power and Feminism? The theme for the occasion..Today's Woman in recent time has faced some challanges of gender inequalities and this the 'MA'AT Conference' shall embrace thus provide women with legal information on Feminism,and provide a platform for women to meet with motivational speakers who have a lot to share to the todays woman and provide education on entreprenuial training as to empwer the woman to take advantage of becoming resourceful by providing them with the right information and guide them in taking the loopholes and becoming self dependant...The Theme for the Conference Woman Power,Why Feminism? A Women Network will be released on event day that shall aid woman who need help in all issues most importantly on Feminism,Entreprenuerial Skills,Woman Violence Acts and more..Also attendees shall be giving free resourceful and educative materials and incentives with a Certificate of Participation..See You and Your Friends on 9 July 2016..

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