The Launch of Imo Technology HUB

The Launch of Imo Technology HUB
past over 1 year ago

Sat, Nov 26. 11:00AM - 1:00PM

ICAPS Imo Advanced College of Professional Studies 43 Egbu Road Owerri Owerri, Nigeria

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The Technology HUB of Nigeria
Technology today is in our everyday life. We Work, play and even in someways worship or unwind with technology.
Technology today is as good as the use we can put them to.

The Technology HUB Of Nigeria is here to provide a platform for training,incubation development,Acquisition and Exchange
Of all forms of technology With special emphasis on international trade and Global service provisions, Enterpreneurship,
Leadership, Design and finishing.

The Imo T-HUB is hosted by mStudios the MICT partner of Imo College Of Advanced Professional Studies[ICAPS] Owerri
and will collaboration with Imo State Ministry Of Education Science and Technology.

Professional Training Programs
Vocational Training Programs
Apprentice Support Training Programs
Internship Programs
Mentorship Programs
Sponsorship Programs
Special Trainings.
Technology and Enterinuship development and Incubation

T-HUB is an intergrated technology training and incubation center providing members with hands on training, pratice and
market place.

With our partners across the country we will deliver best international pratice in technology career and technology
transfer Starting from ICAPS in Owerri,

Working with associates of OEM like Apple,Google, HP, Cisco and Microsoft with with materials from World leading technology
universities like MIT,stanford University and other Technology Companies like.. INTEL,AMD,BMW and Ubuntu partners granting us sucess to real
timely updates in current technology and future technologies will help us to produce a network of the next Generation of
Leaders in the Technology industry

So the Question now ... is where are you and where do you want to go...

Come joinn us and lets achieve these dreams together.

T-HUB is ready are you?