The Lala Salama Project's Fall Equinox Donation Drive

The Lala Salama Project's Fall Equinox Donation Drive
past almost 3 years ago

Wed, Sep 23. 12:00AM - 3:00AM

Mount Kenya National Park , Kenya

Event Details

Welcome to our first official online Donation Drive! It's nearing the end of summer, the Fall Equinox is fast approaching... and The Lala Salama Project is ready to take all your high quality new and used outdoor gear.

We'll put all your gear to good use, distributing it to the rangers of Mount Kenya National Park who are fighting deadly poachers, protecting our treasured wildlife, and rescuing any unlucky mountaineers on Africa's second highest peak. You can learn more about the project here on our website at

Any gear that we get that just isn't quite right for the rangers (but is still great), will go into our storage for a future Awesome Gear Sale to raise funds to purchase gear or other equipment that is needed! So it's a win-win! Your used gear, no matter what it is, can go toward bettering the living and working conditions for the rangers of Mount Kenya National Park.

BONUS: Everyone who gives a donation to the project by SEPTEMBER 23, this year's Fall Equinox, will be entered into a RAFFLE for a few special prizes that will be announced soon.... Ah, the suspense! Don't worry, you'll love them.

So folks, clear out your gear closets, participate in doing some good for our globe's wild places... and SHARE THIS EVENT with all your outdoorsy, gear-loving friends and family.

Donations may be sent to:

Brittany Retherford, The Lala Salama Project
1906 Wood Ave.
Colorado Springs, CO 80907


Michelle Waterhouse, The Lala Salama Project
P.O. Box 381
Lookout Mountain, TN 37350

Some examples include:

Warm layers, including fleece jackets, long underwear, etc.
Gloves and mittens
Warm socks
Balaclavas, warm hats
Warm boots
Alpine sleeping bags, blankets
4-season Alpine tents
Mountaineering boots for rescue team
Down/gortex/parka jackets (green color preferred for camouflage)
Rain pants and jackets
Night vision thermo-imaging equipment
Back packs for rescue team, (size 70 or 80 liter)
Day packs (size 20-30 liter)

Remember, these men and women work in a harsh environment, so no use sending them low quality stuff as it’ll just wear out. Even though Mount Kenya lies near the equator in a country known for it’s warm climate, the mountain can get quite cold. Yes, it even snows! Unfortunately, standard issue Kenya Wildlife Service equipment is designed for hotter temperatures, which means that rangers have to invest their own money to buy gear to keep them warm.

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